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[Mod Hat] Knock knock knock, anyone there?


It's a new year and my oh my, have Kris and Katy been busy! We're very proud of what our two favorite short stacks have accomplished in the last 3 years and we look forward to what is to come. In celebration of this, we think it's about time that we have a...

hotttpockets DRABBLE MEME!

For this drabble meme, we're going to be doing things a little differently. You will still submit your drabbles to a submission post and the mods will post them to the community in batches. This time, however, there is a theme and that theme is Be Social. To put it simply, your prompts are Tweets, Facebook Statuses, Instagrams, Pinterest Pins, etc. from Kris and Katy. Anything they've put out in the social networking world in the past or anything they put out there during the course of the meme is up for being used as prompts. Additionally, each prompt will get it's own discussion thread. There will be no set cut-off time for prompts before the screened submission post goes up.

This post is going to serve as the prompt submission and discussion post, so take a look at the below guidelines and prompt away!

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Come enter Kris Allen Fans Unite For Charity First Annual Charity Drive Design Challenge!!!!

Ever thought of a really great idea for a charity drive, but had no idea how to go about running it, hosting it or promoting it? Ever come across a charitable organization whose work blew you away, but you didn’t know how to go about raising as much money as possible for it?

Here’s your chance to make your vision a reality (and maybe win a pretty amazing prize at the same time)!

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Kraty at a Hogs Game

just because we haven't had a lot of stuff going on in a while............

dontcha just love glasses!kris, guys??? i know i do <3


I'm not exactly sure what this whole video is for, but these guys caught Kris and Katy when they were leaving a Starbucks the morning he was doing press for the finale. There's just a smidgen of cute Kris/Katy interaction at the beginning of the video.

Kris Sees Fatherhood In His Distant Future

earlier this month Ok! Magazine wrote an article on Kris. and he mentions Katy and Zorro in it :)


Kris & Katy at the Idol Finale

Kris & Katy attended the Idol finale and after-party on Wednesday night. Here is just some of the media from the event!

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And, as a little bonus treat...

Washington, DC pic!Collapse )

Some (New) Old Pics

Here are some candids of Kraty in LA and NY.

February 24 2010 in Beverly Hills



a mini picspam if you will....Collapse )


kris and katy in sherman oaks

'American Idol' Season Eight winner Kris Allen peruses a bookstore while out and about with his wife Katy in Sherman Oaks.

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