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I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine

I got a love and I know that it's all mine

Hot Pockets : Kris and Katy Allen Fans
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A Kris and Katy Allen appreciation community.
This community is dedicated to the appreciation of Kris and Katy Allen a.k.a. the Hot Pockets. Kris Allen a.k.a. Pocket Idol is the winner of American Idol Season 8 and Katy a.k.a. Polly Pocket is his beautiful wife. Why do we love them? They're short. They're pretty. They're sassy. They're high school sweethearts. They have matching aprons. Their accents are adorable. Their hugs are enviable. Their facial expressions are hilarious. Their love and trust transcends the fangirls, groupies, and Simon Cowell's rude attitude. Neither one of them can ever remember their wedding anniversary -- September 26th, 2008 -- or any other "important" dates. They're just all-around precious and we love them to death.

This is the real life epitome of the OTP. You wish your relationship was this awesome.
1. No drama.
Play nice. We don't care about your personal beefs or what you do in your personal journals -- don't bring the drama here. Send an e-mail or PM to one of the mods if you are offended by a post or comment in this community. Do not make a post about your butthurt. It will be deleted and you may lose your posting privileges.

2. Stay on topic.
News, images, videos, graphics, polls, contests, fan fiction, etc. -- it's all gravy as long as it's related to Kris and/or Katy. Otherwise, your entry doesn't belong here and will likely be deleted. The occasional friending meme is fine. Intro posts and SPAM are not.

3. Don't steal.
Do not post or take graphics, fan fiction, fan photos, fan vids, etc. from this community and claim them as your own. You will be banned and the community will be f-locked at the discretion of your mods.

4. Lock everything NSFW.
Not everyone is a fan of seeing sexytimes on their f-list and some of us may be viewing the community while at work. Put any and all suggestive, graphic, or NSFW material behind a lj-cut, f-lock the post, and add an appropriate disclaimer (e.g. "There's porn behind this cut.")

5. Cite your sources. Use the tags.
Not a must, but it's helpful if you tell us where you found the information or media in your entry and use the appropriate tags. If you have a suggestion for a new tag, send an e-mail or PM to a mod or just reply to one of their comments. Tagsplosions = mod rage. Don't do it.
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community title lyrics from "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield
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